NIHITO: Nothing Important Happens in the Office

Thousands of companies organize and measure their product management teams using the Pragmatic Institute Framework. This industry standard methodology defines the roles and responsibilities for more than 125,000 product managers and marketers worldwide.

NIHITO explores the strategic impact product teams can have in your organization. Learn how to define the role for optimal accountability and strategic value, regardless of your current organizational structure.

At the end of the briefing, we’ll guide your team through a gap analysis, reviewing current effectiveness and accountability for tasks. This exercise identifies areas of improvement that have the greatest impact. With tasks prioritized, we help you create an action plan that closes the gaps using the Pragmatic Institute Framework.

This course is offered onsite.

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The Strategic Role of Product Management
Who in your organization is focused on next year and the one after, the next product, the next market? Product management is a critical, strategic role which guides products to be created based on a market need, not because someone thinks  it's a good idea.

The Secrets of Tuned In Leaders
Why do some products and companies fail, where others succeed? There are seven consistent success factors related to company culture, management style, and product & marketing strategies that propel winners. And seven fatal flaws that derail market laggards.

Get Tuned In to your market
If you want to win in today’s dynamic marketplace, stop pushing products your buyers don’t want with expensive, meaningless advertising. Instead, discover how to connect to what people really want, and—most importantly—how you can become an organization they trust.