Pragmatic Institute Releases 16th Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey Results
Results indicate big data and customer insight playing a larger role in product management and marketing

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.(Feb. 16, 2016)Pragmatic Institute, a leading authority on technology product management and marketing, has released the results of its 16th annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, revealing some interesting shifts amongst how product teams from around the globe operate, and the challenges they face in today’s landscape.

Results from the comprehensive survey indicate the role of big data, the customer, and the need for technical capabilities playing an increasingly bigger role in product management and marketing.

“Technology has accelerated the pace of nearly every industry, and product management and marketing is no exception,” said Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of Pragmatic Institute. “Our respondents clearly stated that being agile enough to keep up with the speed of development and the changing market is one of the biggest challenges they face over the next year. The survey also revealed the impact, both good and bad, that big data was having on these roles.”

More than 2,500 respondents from 57 countries participated in this year's survey. Key findings included:

  • 92% reported having a high degree of technical acumen in their role, a 12% increase from the 2001/2002 survey.
  • Of the types of companies represented (78% of which operate in the B2B space), 80% offered software solutions, and 54% offered a hosted or cloud product.
  • While it’s improving, product teams reported 72% of their time was spent on tactical vs. 28% strategic activities.
  • The survey showed that the average product team member earns $100,000 - $120,000 per year with an annual bonus of $9,850.
  • A high-level of expertise in certain key soft skills – the ability to ‘sell’ ideas or conclusions, challenge executive teams’ thinking and inspire others to action – brought in 25 percent higher wages, on average.
  • Switzerland product managers and marketers had the highest average salary at $115,600.

Pragmatic Institute’s annual survey provides a benchmark for the industry and helps professionals, analysts and executives keep a finger on the pulse of a rapidly evolving area of technology companies. The survey was conducted between Nov. 19 and Dec. 19, 2015 and can be downloaded here: 2016 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey (pdf)

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