Pragmatic Institute Reflects New State of Development in Course that Aligns Teams to Build Better Products

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., October 17, 2012 – Pragmatic Institute teaches the importance of listening to the market to build better products, and is practicing what it preaches with a new version of its popular Requirements That Work course.

“The companies we teach tell us they use hybrid development methodologies or vary how they develop products by department, project or location,” says Pragmatic Institute CEO Craig Stull. “Our new course incorporates the best aspects of our Living in an Agile World and earlier Requirements That Work courses into one that works across methodologies.”

In the past, companies used single development methodologies like Agile or Waterfall to build products. While those methodologies remain prevalent, companies are interpreting them in new ways—particularly when it comes to Agile. In a recent State of Agile Survey from VersionOne, 80% of the 6,000-plus respondents said their organizations adopted Agile development practices, but 60% use Agile in no more than half of their projects. Also, the use of core Agile tenets ranged widely—from 9% to 78%–suggesting that companies are customizing methodologies with what works best for them.

Agile product expert Rich Mironov, CEO of Mironov Consulting, explains: “There’s no one ideal for Agile. There are different ways you can attack it.  Groups will adopt their own styles, their own pace and their own methodologies—and still call it Agile.”

He adds that in order to succeed in this process evolution, product teams should stay focused on “building better products, connecting strategy to execution and delivering what the market needs–which is reflected in the Pragmatic Institute course.”

Pragmatic Institute’s new one-day Requirements That Work teaches product teams to work together more effectively, no matter what methodologies they currently use. It is designed to show product management and development teams in technology companies how to align to create the products that really resonate in the marketplace.

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