Attendees and Certifications Surge at Pragmatic Institute
Company Trains Record Number of Product Managers and Marketers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 29, 2012 More companies are turning to Pragmatic Institute as the go-to resource for product management and marketing training, as evidenced by its record 20,000th certification and 85,000th attendee—two major milestones achieved this year.

"Thousands of companies have given our training the stamp of approval," said Craig Stull , CEO of Pragmatic Institute. "Additionally, our Pragmatic Institute certification is now required at major technology companies, and frequently appears on job boards, resumes and professional networking sites. It has become the standard for the industry."

Pragmatic Institute certifications are provided to course attendees who demonstrate their knowledge of Pragmatic Institute principles, and the company has quadrupled the number of people to become Pragmatic Institute Certified in the last five years.

Stewart Wright , a senior product manager at Dominion Marine Media, recently became the 20,000th to be Pragmatic Institute Certified, and said he is pleased to have "the de facto certification for product managers."

With other product managers at his company also having taken the course, he said, "We're all speaking the same language now, as far as what we want to do and which areas we want to work on. I came out of class excited to use the knowledge." He has already begun incorporating what he learned about positioning, win/loss analysis and product launch in the course.

Pragmatic Institute courses are offered worldwide in both public and on-site settings. All courses provide actionable information designed to help technology companies create products that resonate in the market.

About Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute was founded in 1993 and has become the authority on technology product management and marketing. The company has trained more than 125,000 product management and marketing professionals, with more than 50,000 becoming Pragmatic Institute Certified. Pragmatic Institute’s team of thought leaders produce blogs, webinars, podcasts and publications that product professionals around the world turn to for industry insights. For more information, please visit or call 480-515-1411.

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