Average Technology Product Management Salary Exceeds $100,000

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 14, 2007–For the first time in the 8 year history of Pragmatic Institute's Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, the average annual salary for product managers exceeds $100,000.

This milestone achievement is accompanied by another positive trend. In 2001, only 22% of product managers worked in a dedicated Product Management department while 16% were in Development or Engineering. Today, 36% are in Product Management and only 12% are in Development or Engineering.

Commenting on these changes, Steve Johnson, Instructor with Pragmatic Institute and an industry thought-leader on the strategic role of product management said "For years we have taught product managers and marketers the role of product management is to identify market problems that are urgent, pervasive and people are willing to pay to solve. Credibility in any organization comes from market facts, rather than opinion, and seeing this salary milestone reached is indication more companies value the role market-driven product managers are playing in strategic company decisions."

The survey also looked at a typical "day-in-the-life" of a product manager. From how many meetings are attended, to how many e-mail messages are sent and received, to how many hours per week are spent working with Development, Sales and Marketing Communications departments.

Since 2000, Pragmatic Institute's Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey has reviewed the state of product management and marketing in technology companies. For more information, visit www.PragmaticMarketing.com/resources/annual-survey or read our ProductMarketing.com blog.

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