Innovative products <br> by design.

Partner with designers to create intuitive products the market will embrace with Design. Learn how to work with designers to align on responsibilities, deepen a shared understanding of your target users, reframe market problems to elicit new ways of thinking, and iterate on potential solutions through prototyping and market feedback.


Build and Leverage User Expertise

Tap into the full power of user personas to establish a shared understanding of users’ problems, goals and pain points. Map a persona’s current experience so your team can envision an ideal future state.

Foster innovation

Reframe market problems—with tools such as “How Might We” statements—to move beyond obvious solutions toward product innovations.

De-Risk Solutions

Increase efficiency, lower risk and ensure user adoption through prototyping and feedback loops.

Have a dedicated designer or design team?

With the tools and skills you’ll learn in Design, you can:

Work with a different designer for each product?

Design will give you the knowledge you need to:

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The Importance of Design for Product Managers

Design and product are powerful partners in the journey toward market-winning solutions. Our Co-Director of Design Practice Shannon McGarity joins VP of Marketing and Product Strategy Rebecca Kalogeris to discuss Pragmatic's new design offering and the synergy between product management and design.

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