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Introducing Insight and Data Science for Business Leaders

Data is changing every aspect of how we do business. To help you do more with data, we’ve created two new courses. Check out the overviews below to see which course is right for you, Insight or Data Science for Business Leaders.

Course Overviews

Pragmatic Product Insight


Turn Data into Product Strategies

Insight, on the product side, is designed specifically to help product managers and product marketing managers work more effectively with data teams to uncover insights and apply data to things like roadmaps and go-to-market plans.  

Perfect for:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketers
  • Product Owners

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Data Science for Business Leaders

Translate Data Insights into Business Strategy

Data Science for Business Leaders, listed under our data courses, was created for any manager or business leader who works with data teams, wants to create a data-driven culture and uses data to make better business decisions. 

Perfect for:

  • Executive Teams
  • Department Heads
  • Managers and Business Leaders

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Learn How To


Learn How To

Pragmatic Product Insight Logo


Turn Market Feedback into Actionable Insights

Learn how to objectively validate what you’re hearing from your customers and the market.

Build Business-Focused Inquiries

Leverage your understanding of business and product objectives to prioritize productive and profitable data projects.

Get the Most Out of Your Data Resources

Demystify data processes and language to partner more effectively and efficiently with your data resources.

Empower Yourself for Success

Bring confidence and data to roadmaps, plans, presentations and priority discussions.

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Data Science for Business Leaders

Focus Data Projects on Business Impacts

Craft questions that lead to productive data projects and provide context as data is acquired, curated and prepared for analysis.

Put Insights into Action

Define the right levers to influence data and the right metrics to evaluate its effect on the business.

Drive Better Outcomes Through Stronger Partnerships

Learn where both business leaders and data professionals add value during a project.

Champion Data-Driven Decision Making

Break down silos and help make data both accessible and actionable throughout your organization.

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What about The Business
of Data Science?

The Business of Data Science covered a great deal of information, and after receiving some great feedback from our attendees, we determined that it would be most beneficial to split the course into two separate courses.

We worked with data, product and business experts to find the best way to create these two new courses.

If you previously took The Business of Data Science, or have questions about our certifications, visit our certifications page to learn more.

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