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Our courses are based on a proven methodology that more than 8,000 companies worldwide have implemented. The entire curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to select the courses that matter most today, with the ability to expand your training and skills over time.

Product Courses


Prerequisite for Focus, Build, Market, Launch and Price courses.

Implement a proven, practical blueprint for being market-driven and get your entire organization on the same page.

Learn about Foundations


Use market facts to identify and present the right product strategies to enhance your company.

Learn about Focus


Learn how to align product and development to create remarkable products.

Learn about Build


Build buyer expertise and create strategic product marketing plans that deliver results.

Learn about Market


Think strategically about launch and sales enablement to better meet business objectives.

Learn about Launch


Determine what the market is willing to pay and learn how to set the right price for each product in each market.

Learn about Price

Data Science Courses

Essential Data Tools

Answer complicated questions, uncover greater insights and learn in-demand skills with Python and the power of data science.

Learn about Essential Data Tools

Practical Machine Learning

Deliver data-driven results and predict the future by building machine learning models that change every aspect of your business.

Learn about Practical Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning

Explore a larger world of analytical opportunities through advanced machine learning techniques and master unstructured data.

Learn about Advanced Machine Learning

AI with TensorFlow and Keras

Deepen your understanding of machine learning, neural networks, deep learning and AI, and apply them to your business.

Learn about AI with TensorFlow and Keras

The Business of Data Science

Harness the power of data science in your organization and quickly identify and execute profitable projects.

Learn more about The Business of Data Science


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Private Training

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Pragmatic Labs

We offer private, hands-on labs to help you put the Pragmatic Framework to work in your organization.

Learn More About Labs


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