Business of Data Science Course 

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Harness the Power of Data

Data is changing the very foundation of business, but there aren’t enough data-savvy managers and leaders out there to effectively lead the charge.

The Business of Data Scienceprovides an in-depth understanding of data science and how it can be used in business.

Uncover the best ways for turning business challenges into profitable data projects, while driving a data-driven work culture throughout your company.

If you’re ready to start doing more with the data your company collects every day, then you’re ready for The Business of Data Science. 

The Business of Data Science
What You'll Learn in The Business of Data Science
The Business of Data Science
Understand Data Science Fundamentals
Learn how to:
Differentiate the various areas of data science
Identify supervised and unsupervised machine learning and AI
Translate business problems into data science tasks
The Business of Data Science
Identify Profitable Data Projects
Get insights on how to:
Catalog your organization’s current data resources
Assess the business impact and feasibility of prospective projects using data
Measure success and avoiding common pitfalls
The Business of Data Science
Develop a Data-Driven Work Culture
See how to:
Define roles, responsibilities and skill sets of various data-focused roles
Improve business decisions and processes with A/B testing
Examine ethical and legal considerations for projects
Who's it For
The Business of Data Science is a great course for business leaders, product professionals, and anyone who works with or wants to work with data and data practitioners.
Tools & Templates
The Business of Data Science

Real Students. Real Opinions

“Really great class showcasing concepts plus case studies.”

Geo P
Product Management

“Very thorough and informative. Learned some great new ways to evaluate data into daily business.”

Megan D
Product Management

“Excellent introductory class on data science! Just the right amount of education, depth, and examples with interaction. Provided tools to engage my company’s internal data science resources and vendors who we may choose to do business with. Also offered tools to talk knowledgeably with client prospects on this topic.”

Mike O
Product Management

“The instructor was clear, responsive and flexible. This course helped me build on online DS courses I had taken and connect a lot of dots that were previously unclear. I feel that my colleagues need to take this course and will recommend it strongly to my manager.”

Patrick D
Product Management
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