Practical Machine Learning 

Predict the Future with Data

Every organization wishes it had a crystal ball to see into the future.Practical Machine Learning provides your team with the basics of machine learning so they can build predictive models and perform tasks that improve revenue, reduce costs and create new opportunities for your company.

If you and your team are ready to anticipate the future of business and drive real growth for your company, now’s the time to bring Practical Machine Learning to your organization with private training from Pragmatic Institute.

Practical Machine Learning
What You'll Learn in Practical Machine Learning
Practical Machine Learning
Fundamentals of machine learning
Let's get started:
Gain familiarity with machine learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, regression and classification problems
Train a machine learning model
Use scikit-learn’s fit and predict methods to build a linear regression model
Evaluate trained models using mean squared error and coefficient of determination
Create new features that encode nonlinearities and use linear regression on an enhanced data matrix
Practical Machine Learning
Perform classification and prevent overfitting
Get your hands dirty:
Use scikit-learn’s GridSearchCV to find optimal values to tune hyperparameters
Evaluate model performance using appropriate classification metrics
Identify issues with unbalanced classes and improve model performance
Include categorical features by using a one-hot encoder
Build a scikit-learn pipeline to predict customer churn
Practical Machine Learning
Build a clustering algorithm with real-world data
Prove your skills:
Perform principal component analysis using scikit-learn and build a custom transformer to use in a pipeline to transform data
Use PCA-transformed data to build a K-Means clustering algorithm
Gain familiarity with metrics for clustering, such as silhouette coefficient
Obtain segments and extract information about each segment using techniques learned throughout the course
Who's it For
Practical Machine Learning is a great course for data analysts, economists, researchers, software or data engineers who want to expand their understanding of machine learning with hands-on experience.
Basic Python
Basics of mathematical functions (linear functions, polynomials, logarithms, etc.)
Basic linear algebra
Basic statistics
Basic calculus

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“I’m now better equipped to manage engineering and product teams, and able to conduct sophisticated ad-hoc analysis. Everyone blew me away; truly exceptional.”

Michelle Miller
Hack Reactor

“The projects were practical, engaging, and instructive, and generally great opportunities to get hands-on experience.”

David Kwon

“I highly recommend Pragmatic Institute’s data courses to professionals needing to take their data analysis skills to a higher level.”

Ryan Ozias
Honor Health

“The actual lectures were the most valuable to me, and the mini-projects were a bonus and re-enforced the learning from lecture sessions. Kudos, and 110% to the instructor!”

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Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

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