Intro To Python 

The best thing to happen to data since the abacus

Data is changing every role in the business world. Make sure you’re ready to take on the future of data by learning about one of its most useful and versatile tools: Python.

Intro to Python is a brief overview course that gives you a hands-on look at Python so you can begin your journey into data analytics. Our instructors will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Python used by today’s leading data practitioners. 

If you’re ready to start learning about the wild world of Python, Intro to Python is waiting for you. 

Intro to Python
What You'll Learn in Intro to Python
Intro To Python
Learn about:
Basics of writing and executing code
Python lists and dictionaries
For loops and functions
Logic and program flow
Intro To Python
Data Analysis Tools
Get insights on:
Plots in Matplotlib
Intro To Python
Machine Learning Example
Walk through:
The bag of words model
Training a word usage classifier
Visualizing the model's results
Who's it For
Intro to Python is a great primer for anyone:
Interested in data and who wants to learn essential data skills
New to Python and who isn’t sure where to start
Who is a data analyst, economist or researcher how works with large data sets and wants to make analysis easier and more effective
Interested in taking Pragmatic Institute’s data science curriculum
Basic technical skills and comfort with computers
Some experience using computers for analysis and repeated tasks
(formulas or macros in Excel, for example)
A computer or laptop with internet access

Real Students. Real Opinions

“I was hoping to get a nice introduction to Python and this course did just that!”

“I hoped to get a simple understanding of Python code. This course helped a lot!”

"When I first enrolled in the Intro to Python course, I was a little apprehensive because I didn't have a strong programming background. However, once I started learning in the live, interactive session what Python was and how it related to data science, I built up enough confidence to create my own Python script in a Jupyter Notebook within days of completing the course. I'm now looking at some of the other courses Pragmatic Institute has to offer to take that confidence to the next level."

“The Intro to Python class was really helpful in giving me a taste of the Python programming language, and giving me a really in depth preview of how Python can be used for data science. The course started with the basics of writing our own simple programs and then finished with a really cool demonstration of machine learning using TensorFlow.”

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