Essential Data Tools 

Spend Less Time Cleaning Data and More Time Analyzing

Humans are producing more data than ever before. Make sure you and your team have the skills needed to automate tedious and time consuming tasks involved with cleaning data in traditional spreadsheets. 

Essential Data Tools provides the knowledge and tools needed to streamline and improve data wrangling and analysis, and build automated solutions to problems you can’t solve in Excel.  

If you and your team are ready to move beyond spreadsheets and encourage more data-driven decision making, it’s time to bringEssential Data Tools to your organization with private training from Pragmatic Institute. 

Essential Data Tools
What You'll Learn in Essential Data Tools
Essential Data Tools
Essentials of Python for data science
Learn the basics:
Construct variables in Python and understand commonly used data structures like lists and dictionaries
Perform iterations in Python to easily apply a process over multiple values
Encapsulate a process into a function to streamline and reduce repetition
Utilize if/else statements to handle various cases and conditions
Understand string data types and common operations applied to strings
Essential Data Tools
Object-oriented programming (OOP) and NumPy and Pandas Python packages
Get your hands dirty:
Understand how OOP is implemented and used throughout Python and its packages
Use NumPy ndarray data structures for fast, multidimensional numerical operations
Utilize Pandas’ data structures and easily load CSV and Excel files as Pandas dataframes
Combine tables across multiple spreadsheets into one dataframe
Easily handle missing entries/data with Pandas, and utilize multiple methods to replace the missing values
Essential Data Tools
Advanced techniques with Pandas and task automation
Expand your skills:
Use grouping operations in Pandas to create groups within a dataframe and apply operations like aggregating functions to those groups
Use NumPy functions in Pandas and understand the connection between them
Utilize manipulation and analysis tools in Pandas for times series
Up and down sample time series to change frequency, and understand time series transformations like rolling and moving window statistics
Visualize data analysis results using Matplotlib for line plots, scatter plots and histograms, and Seaborn for advanced statistics-focused plots
Who's it For
Essential Data Tools is a great course for analysts and related positions who have reached the limits of spreadsheets and want to do more with their data, those looking to minimize the time they have to spend cleaning their data, and those interested in pursuing a career in data science.
Basic boolean algebra, such as concepts of “or” and “and”
Conditional statements
Basic statistical definitions (mean, median, mode)
Basic linear algebra (matrices, arrays)
Common file formats like Comma Separated Values (CSV)
Basic familiarity with Python or a similar scripting language/program

Real Students. Real Opinions

“I feel like this course helped me get everything about basic Python sorted in my mind. I could already do some things with it before this course, but now I feel a lot more confident with my new skills.”

“The knowledgeable instructor was familiar with the complications of data mining, and was friendly and helpful when we needed assistance with our code.”

Ryan Ozias
Honor Health

“I found the exercises very helpful; they’re an integral part of the learning process and help solidify lecture materials. Instructor was also very knowledgeable and explained concepts in a simple and understandable way.”

“What I liked most are the mini-projects, where you really know if you understood the lectures and how the instructor explains all things related to each topic very conscientiously so everyone gets it.”

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Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

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