Advanced Machine Learning 

Become the Master of Unstructured Data

At the heart of data lies the answer to every business question. Learn the skills and tools your team needs to deepen their command of machine learning and answer those questions.

Advanced Machine Learning provides you and your team with a deeper understanding of machine learning techniques and practices so you can build and manage more complex machine learning systems and leverage the power of unstructured data for your organization.

Do more with your unstructured data by bringing Advanced Machine Learning to your organization with private training from Pragmatic Institute.

Advanced Machine Learning
What You'll Learn in Advanced Machine Learning
Advanced Machine Learning
Explore more advanced machine learning models.
Master the basics:
Review machine learning basics and scikit-learn syntax
Understand how decision trees make predictions and choose appropriate hyperparameters
Combine individual models to create more powerful ensemble models
Apply these ensemble techniques to create the extremely useful random forest model
Increase the fitting power of models with residual fitting, leading to boosted decision trees
Advanced Machine Learning
Dive into more advanced models and examine data handling for machine learning.
Get your hands dirty:
Learn about the basics of neural networks
Alter data with feature engineering to improve model performance
Create pipelines to streamline data handling
Use imputation to fill in gaps in messy, real-world data
Advanced Machine Learning
Evaluate models and learn techniques for handling human language.
Expand your skills:
Examine different metrics for comparing models and monitoring their performance
Save models for later use and record the details for their construction
Convert written text to features amenable to machine learning
Perform language-specific feature engineering
Advanced Machine Learning
Apply your new knowledge of natural language processing.
Prove your expertise:
Classify documents and predict values based on descriptions
Group documents together based on their topics
Explore different word embeddings to empower your models with more language context
Who's it For
Advanced Machine Learning is perfect for software or data engineers who want to gain hands-on experiences applying machine learning techniques to real-world datasets.
Intermediate Python skills (class, functions, data structures, list comprehensions, tools)
Basic linear algebra (matrices, vectors)
Basic machine learning (regression, classification, clustering, overfitting)
Basic familiarity of scikit-learn and NumPy libraries

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“I was introduced to many concepts that I had just touched on in some online courses I’d taken prior to Pragmatic Institute. By having weekly projects, I was driven to understand the materials more… which was a valuable thing. We weren’t just fed the answers.”

Matthew Lamont

“Ana is a great instructor, explained everything really well, presented the material in a fun and easy-to follow way.”

“Really useful having an instructor go into details about specific topics, which you don’t get from online courses such as Coursera.”

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Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

Training on Your Schedule

Fill out the form today and our sales team will help you schedule your private Pragmatic training today.

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