The Pragmatic Institute Story

Founded as Pragmatic Marketing in 1993, Pragmatic Institute has a strong track record of providing real-world insights, actionable best practices and proven tools to product managers and product marketing managers around the world.


In late 2018, recognizing the power of data and the increasing need for a real understanding of data science and AI among business and product professionals, Pragmatic Marketing purchased The Data Incubator (TDI), a leading data science training organization.


Together, the two companies became Pragmatic Institute, and combine their dedication and efforts to provide exceptional training across a wide selection of topics essential for product professionals, business leaders and data practitioners. All delivered by instructors with exceptional experience with some of the leading companies and universities in the world.

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Executive Team

Philip Alexander

Philip Alexander has spent more than two decades on the front lines of senior-level and international marketing. In 2000 he founded BrandMuscle Inc. in a Boston incubator. Prior to that Philip served as vice president of brand management for Pearle Vision; and as vice president of marketing and advertising for Western Auto.

“As we enter a new phase of growth at Pragmatic Institute, I see such potential; we have a great product and superb instructors. I am excited to lead the company as we expand our mission to deliver training that helps people elevate their products, companies and careers.”

April Garcia

With more than 20 years of experience in finance, accounting and information systems, April Garcia has a wealth of knowledge in strategic leadership and planning. Before joining Pragmatic, April was CFO and member of the Leadership Council for Eberle Design Inc., and CPA and business advisory firm Eide Bailly LLP.

“The more I learn about Pragmatic Institute and its product offerings and services, the more excited I am to add my piece of the story. I look forward to helping our companies build a better, stronger Pragmatic Institute that will continue to have a positive impact on our customers.”

Rebecca Kalogeris

Vice President, Marketing & Product Strategy
Rebecca Kalogeris is a proven marketing executive and turnaround specialist. She’s made a career of building up world-class, results-focused marketing departments. Prior to Pragmatic, Rebecca held marketing leadership roles at a variety of software and services companies, including TRIRIGA, Shift4 Corporation, Client Development Services and eCommLink.

“In marketing, it’s rare to work on a brand that you are truly passionate about, but that’s what I get to do here. Now, being able to help spread our training and see the impact that it has on people is truly amazing.”

Christine Plitt

Vice President, Operations and Educational Services
Christine Plitt leads the strategic planning, financial management and operations of all Pragmatic Institute training events, overseeing event management, travel, procurement and shipping.

Most recently, Christine has taken over the leadership of The Data Incubator’s intensive data science fellowship program and hiring partner program. Under her guidance, the quantity and quality of applicants to the fellowship program has grown, as has the number of hiring partners looking to fill their data science needs.

Ben Newcomb

Vice President, Sales
Ben Newcomb leads the Pragmatic Institute sales team, helping the team create meaningful and lasting relationships with organizations of every size. Previously, Ben worked at Spear Education, managing a large team of sales representatives in new customer acquisition and customer growth.

“Helping others grow their knowledge and network with like-minded peers by aligning the Pragmatic Framework to make market and data-based decisions is my passion.”

Muhammad Zahid

Vice President, Technology
Muhammad Zahid brings more than 15 years of technology experience successfully leading software development, dev ops and infrastructure teams. At Pragmatic Institute, Muhammad plans, coordinates, designs and directs the company’s technology activities.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to implement new training delivery platforms that will help move this company forward. We are expanding our training offerings to include online, interactive content that complements what is already the best classroom training available.”

And The Teams That Make It All Happen

DeSIGN Team Members

Jim Dibble

Co-Director of Design Practice
Jim Dibble has 20+ years’ experience in UX design, curriculum development and professional training. As a consultant and director at strategic design firms Cooper and Designit, Jim led product strategy projects for clients in tech, finance and healthcare. He coached client cross-functional teams in UX design, design research, service design and design leadership.

“I’m excited to help cross-functional teams supercharge their collaboration in order to build market-winning products and services.”

Shannon McGarity

Co-Director of Design Practice
Shannon McGarity has spent 20+ years solving clients’ design challenges in roles like head of product and UX director. Prior to Pragmatic, Shannon was a director at strategic design firms Cooper and Designit: leading teams on projects, creating curriculum, coaching innovation teams and teaching service design, design leadership and more.

“I've seen how great design can lead to powerful products and services, and product management and data science are powerful partners!” [photo by Corey Sipkin]

Philip Alexander


Philip Alexander


Philip Alexander


Philip Alexander


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