Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Coming Spring, 2020, The Pragmatic Alumni Community will be a space for impassioned product professionals working together to exchange the tools, examples and tactics that leave people asking, “How did you do that!?”

More Resources. More Networking. More Community.

The Pragmatic Alumni Community is more than just a site. It’s your local meeting space where you can share ideas, challenges, solutions and successes with other product people just like you. Discover actionable tactics and meet like-minded peers. Read first-hand accounts and ask questions to people who have been there before. Access exclusive resources and build a network of reliable, exceptional professionals that you can count on.

All in the Pragmatic Alumni Community.


Ask others for ideas, suggestions and feedback on your work.


Exchange tactics, examples and resources that move the needle.


Find peers like you, industry experts and knowledgeable mentors.

The Information You Need. Faster.

You don’t have time to scour the internet looking for the answers to your questions, the templates for your projects, the resources for your career. Save time, get better advice and find the right resources with help from the Pragmatic Alumni Community.

Designed for You, With Your Help

The power of our community comes from our alumni, and we’re building this space just for you and your peers. If you have an idea or suggestion for our community, we want to hear it.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have the perfect idea for the community? Wish a great resource existed? We want to hear all about it

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Stay up-to-date on the latest news about the Pragmatic Alumni Community including upcoming features, special pricing and so much more.

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