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Market Definition

Map needs with target markets and analyze the market segments to actively pursue. Ensure that the targeted segments are large enough to support the current and future business of the product.


Market Definition: Best Practices for Uncovering Market Problems
February 25

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Market Definition

Exploring Breakaway Leadership

In his 2011 book, Escape Velocity, Geoffrey Moore takes on the major strategy issue faced by most …
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Speaking the Same Language

How Sabre Airline Solutions is leveraging Pragmatic Institute best practices to transform and scale …
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Doing Market Analysis - Easy, Right?

 At its best, it uncovers that “diamond” in business and market research — an…
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Segmenting Customers: How to do it efficiently to improve enterprise products

Segmentation is used to get an up close view of the market. Based on categorizing customers with spe…
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Problem Solving: It’s All About Smart(er) Questions

A problem is the difference between your current and desired conditions. It can result from new know…
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Assuring ‘Voice of the Customer’ in Development and Design

Collaboration, traceability and accountability methodologies.
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Keeping Close to Customers

How we listen to the market to become experts in what they need.
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Five Slices of Segmentation

Segmentation has always been a key part of marketing. Sorting customers into appropriate segments al…
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Due Diligence for New Product Ideas

A hypothetical example of how to use due diligence for new product ideas.
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