You Might Be a Product Manager If… (2011 version)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No, not the holiday season, it’s time for the 5th (almost) annual “You Might Be a Product Manager If…” list!  Favorite entries from past years include:

  • You might be a product manager if your wedding included a PowerPoint presentation.
  • You might be a product manager if you stack rank your children.
  • You might be a product manager if you ask your kids “what problem are you trying to solve?” when they ask for a new toy.
New entries this year, from the team at Pragmatic Institute include:
  • You might be a product manager if you’ve ever A/B tested invitations to a party – Rebecca Kalogeris
  • You might be a product manager if you and your spouse refer to your chores as a backlog @sjohnson717
  • You might be an (agile) product manager if you decorate for Christmas in short sprints @barbaragnelson
  • You might be a product manager if you calculate the opportunity cost of hiring a maid or lawn service @ptyoung
Add your own in the comments below, or via Twitter on the #YMBAPMI hashtag.  I’ll update this post as they come in, and the best one will get a copy of TunedIn!  Happy Holidays from everyone at Pragmatic Institute!
If you’d like to connect with me in-person, the best places are at a training that I’m leading or at a ProductCamp.  I will be leading a Practical Product Management training in Orange County, California on January 23-25, 2012.  I will also be at ProductCamp Austin on February 18, 2012.
Paul Young

Paul Young

Paul Young oversees the strategic development of Pragmatic Institute’s portfolio of products and leads the executive team in the evaluation of new product opportunities. He also manages the instructor team. Paul began his career as a software developer and has worked in startups and large companies across B2B and B2C industries, including telecommunications and networking, IT and professional services, consumer electronics and enterprise software. He has managed P&L lines for products with hundreds of millions in revenue, and faced difficult choices about which products in the portfolio to retain and which to kill. Reach him at

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