What is Marketing’s role (today)?

I recently received an invitation to become a member of CLOSE - Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness. It looked interesting enough so I joined. After the registration process was complete I was presented with a page on the site and noticed a “True or False” item in the Daily Digest. The title was “Myth: Marketing Focus”. So I clicked. What the heck.

The True of False statement was “Marketing should focus on brochures, web site communication, and tradeshow management”. The myth was presented by Paul DiModica of DigitalHatch.

Paul’s answer? False. Good, I agree, continue reading…

Revenue is revenue. Marketing’s primary business responsibility should be creating qualified sales leads for Sales.

I took a look at the link provided to one of Paul’s articles and I agree with a lot of what Paul is saying in his article, but he’s dead wrong on this myth. Stating that Marketing’s primary business responsibility is creating qualified leads for Sales is the typical “I don’t really understand the role of marketing” response that I see from Sales.

Selling is a tactical activity. Always has, always will. Marketing is strategic. People who have the misfortunate title of VP of Sales and Marketing cannot possibly being doing both activities very well. More often than not the focus is on selling (naturally) and marketing becomes a sales support function, reacting to the whim of the sales force.

Marketing is strategic. Marketing’s primary business responsibility is to identify problems in the market and drive the development of products and services that solve those problems. Generating leads is just one of the myriad of tactical activities Marketing performs.

Oh, and by the way, does Sales ever agree that the leads are any good?

David Daniels

David Daniels

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