Welcoming 2010 with a bang

My 2010 is starting out with a bang and hopefully yours is also. While on the road I have time to reflect on many things. This time of year it’s about looking forward and setting goals for the new year.

First goal is to complete my first marathon. For those of you reading this blog who also run, I would appreciate your insight and training thoughts. I set this goal last year but injuries knocked me out. I’m now back stronger and more careful.

The second goal is about you. There is so much to write about product launch and product marketing in technology companies it would take volumes. For 2010 I’m going to write more about nuance. You can get a core understanding from attending the Effective Product Marketing and Product Launch Essentials seminars. This blog will be about addressing topics and questions we don’t have time to cover in the seminars.

My third goal is to read more. More books. More blogs. I might even spring for a Kindle. There is so much knowledge we can get from each other and share.

Happy 2010! Now get out there and sell more stuff.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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