Too much sales support isn’t healthy

Every week I have the privilege of working with product marketing managers from a wide range of companies.  For the most part they’re in a technology related business and most of them have one consistent, blaring issue.  That issue is getting salespeople to sell the products that they - the product marketing managers - are responsible for bringing to market.

The biggest complaint I hear is the amount of time that product marketing managers spend supporting salespeople with things like one-off PowerPoint slides and one-off brochures.  Some of you report the amount of time you spend supporting salespeople can exceed 80%!

I have news for you.  If you’re spending that much time supporting salespeople you’re not in marketing, you’re in sales support.  Assuming a 40 hour work week (LOL) that means you have 8 hours to dedicate to product marketing.  One day per week.  Four days per month. Product marketing in this case can hardly be called part time. Is it any wonder you’re not getting ahead?

David Daniels

David Daniels

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