Three Gifts for the Holiday

At Pragmatic Institute we are fortunate enough to close our offices for the holiday in order to spend time with family and recharge for what is looking to be a truly amazing 2016. But just because we’re out of the office, doesn’t mean you have to go without us. Here are three great podcasts to help you get through the holidays. Marketing with a Purpose Are you marketing with a purpose or simply practicing random acts of marketing? If you don’t have your personas, positioning and purpose clearly defined it’s most likely the latter. Join Pragmatic Institute instructors Mark Stiving and Jon Gatrell as they discuss how these three P’s represent some of the most important parts of marketing. Then listen in as they dig deeper into personas: how buyer and user personas differ, and what you can do to jump start your persona creation efforts. Listen now. Best Practices for Analytics and Metrics for Product Roles Do you know the difference between analytics and metrics? Pragmatic Institute instructor Jon Gatrell gives us his take on both and how product teams can use them to achieve their product goals. Listen now. Distribution Strategy Pragmatic Live Radio visits with instructor Paul Young of Pragmatic Institute to talk about views on Distribution Strategy and the different models around them. He follows by introducing Pragmatic Institute’s outside-in approach to Distribution Strategy and how it can help minimize the impact of market disruptors. Paul closes by addressing the effectiveness of market visits in helping you determine how to get your products to your customers. Listen now. So grab a cup of eggnog, curl up by the fire and get ready to learn. And from our team to yours, have a safe and happy holiday!

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