The Product Launch Pledge

The time has come for a product launch pledge. Kind of like the Hippocratic oath. A pledge that can demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of product launch excellence. It’s a compilation of observations over the years that reflect the practices of many companies that have launched technology products.

It’s a work in progress that could use the benefit of your insight, experience and sound practices.

  1. I promise to not make goals for my product launch so it will be easier to blame others for failures
  2. I promise to plan my next product launch based on a meaningless set of deliverables from a launch “checklist”
  3. I promise to launch using unrealistic timeframes and expectations
  4. I promise to conduct sales readiness training based on product features and price, and avoid all discussion of markets, problems and buyers
  5. I promise to spend significant sums of money and time creating mind-numbing collateral for people who will never read it, and use powerful action words like “mission critical”, “scalable”, and “the leading provider of”
  6. I promise to not make any one person responsible for product launch results so that no one can be held accountable
  7. I promise to plan the next product launch based on hunches, not market evidence and a sound process
  8. I promise to mimic the efforts of my competitor’s recent product launch because it won’t require any ingenuity
  9. I promise to completely ignore existing customers on my next product launch because migrating them to the new product is such a hassle
  10. I promise to update the web site with new content weeks after the product is announced

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