The One-Trick Pony Launch

The product launch worked so well last time so why not do the same exact things again? There is just this one, small, really important detail. Do you know why it worked so well?

Maybe it was the right product at the right time that solved the right problem.

Maybe it was really good execution.

Maybe it was dumb luck.

Maybe it was something else.

It’s easy to repeat what you’ve done before but hard to replicate the success. It takes work, a good strategy, and knowledge of the market.

Hubris runs rampant when the first product launch succeeds. You feel invincible; anything you do from here forward is going to be a winner.

And then the second launch flops. You convince yourself it must be a fluke, an anomaly, an outlier. It could happen to anyone. You shrug it off and move on.

And the third launch flops. Hmmm. It can’t be the product or the strategy. Must be the execution. Identify and punish the guilty.

After the next flop the blame storming meetings consume the agenda.

Know the market. Understand the problem. Solve it. Launch with the right strategy for the right reasons. Define the parameters of a successful launch. Execute and measure.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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