The Germination of Great Product Teams

Building a great product team begins with hiring a great product people. But who are product professionals and what exactly do they do? Sometimes even product pros find this a difficult question to answer because their scope is wide and they wear many different hats. Cindy Alvarez, author of Lean Customer Development: Building Products Your Customers Will Buy suggests asking the following interview questions to test how well product management candidates think on their feet:
  1. Your product is just about to hit code freeze, but the sales team has gotten feedback that one of the company’s most important customers won’t buy it unless you add feature X. Talk through the process for understanding your options.
  1. You’re reviewing product functional requirements with the engineering team, and they tell you that developing feature Y is not possible. How do you respond?
  1. You discovered a bug in a product that has been deployed to an enterprise customer. QA tells you the bug is an edge case—at most, it will affect 1 percent of users, probably less—but for those it does impact, it will be an extremely negative user experience. Take 10 minutes to compose an email response.
Want more tips for hiring a product pro who’s the perfect match for your products and company, read the full article by Anuraag Verma in the latest edition of Pragmatic Marketer.

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