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For the better part of the last year, the team at Pragmatic Institute has been hard at work building a robust community where product professionals can come together to share their ideas, experiences, advice, tools, templates and more.

It’s been our goal from the start to build a unique digital space where product people can connect and share, while also creating the single, ever-green resource you need throughout your career. We want this place to be your go-to source for everything product: from insightful conversations with peers from around the world on the topics you care about most, to a robust library of tools and examples that can be applied to every product, to industry-specific discussion groups, to member-exclusive events with industry legends, and beyond. 

And that is why it is with great pleasure that we introduce the Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC). 


Who is the community for?

The community is for all product professionals who have completed at least one Pragmatic Institute product course

At the very beginning of your product career? The PAC is for you. 

Been in product for decades? The PAC is perfect for you. 

Work in a field related to product, or have retired from product but still have plenty to share? You guessed it—the PAC is for you, too. 


What are the benefits of the community?

Ask yourself this: How much time do you spend searching for a tool, template or example to help with a specific issue? How often do you have to adapt someone else’s solution for your industry, because you can’t find anything specific to your industry out there to use?

We’re working hard to create and curate all of the resources you need to transform the way you build and market your products. We want you to spend less time searching for what you need, and more time finding the resources that will help you do your job better.



When does the community open?

The community opens to our early admissions group on April 30, and the public opening of the PAC will be on May 25. Early admissions are limited though, so order now. 

No matter when you enter the PAC, you’ll receive the same great access to all it has to offer. And if you ever uncover an area of interest that needs resources, our community managers want to hear about it. This is a community built by product professionals, for product professionals, and we want it to be as useful as possible for everyone, forever. 


Where can I find resources related to my industry?

We understand how difficult it can be to find the resources you need that align with the specifications of your industry, and how impossible it can be to adjust someone else’s tool or solution to your needs. That’s why we’re constantly sourcing the best resources to help you do your job better. 

In the PAC, you will find industry-specific resources all throughout the PAC. We have a number of industry-specific groups and discussion boards where you can chat with others in your field.And we’ll be offering a wide variety of live, member-exclusive events, including industry-specific webinar and chats. 


Why only Pragmatic alumni?

One of the things that makes the PAC so successful is that everyone has the same foundational knowledge, or framework if you will, that ensures everyone can speak the same product language, regardless of industry or role. 

By limiting membership to Pragmatic alumni, we’re able to make sure that everyone is on the same level of understanding—about the importance of your market, about the language we use, about the level of quality Pragmatic Institute provides in everything we do. 

This way, when someone uses terms like “distinctive competencies,” “gap analysis,” NIHITO” and “solutions matrix,” we all know what we’re talking about. 

Plus, we offer a number of “refresher” items to help keep your learning front-of-mind, no matter how long ago it was you took your training. And we’re launching some new tools (maybe even an app or two) that’ll put your training into a whole new perspective.


How can I get my membership?

You can purchase your PAC membership anytime by clicking here.

Don’t wait another moment searching for the resources you need to build and market better products. 

Start finding exactly what you need in the Pragmatic Alumni Community. 

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Pragmatic Institute

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