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This post is a departure from my usual product launch or product marketing posts. It’s entirely from the heart. I hope you will read it in its entirety and act on what I’m sharing with you. It will mean a lot to me but more importantly it will mean a lot to Julia.

At some point in your life you will be touched by a family that needs your help. Maybe the family is close to you or maybe far away. Maybe the situation is minor or maybe it’s life changing. No matter the case you feel compelled to do something. Anything. Because if you don’t you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

I am at that crossroad now and for me this family is the Hillebrand family. Paul Hillebrand is the music director at my church.  He is a devoted father to five children and his youngest, Julia, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Julia is just eleven years old. She is way too young to deserve such a challenge. As a father I am ripped apart at the thought of what this experience is doing to Paul, his wife Nan, Julia’s siblings and of course Julia.

Paul has been keeping a record of his journey on his web site. Here is a recent excerpt which is encouraging…

Julia is almost done with radiation and chemo. YEAH! She has only 6 more days. She has been pretty wiped out from the treatments and spending a lot more time sleeping. She also still has trouble sleeping at night though. She has seen some side effects from the tumor and is still having trouble with her speech and her left arm and leg are very weak. Her spirits are good, as you can tell from her website, and she has been enjoying the extra time with  her family and friends. We've seen a ton of movies and are looking forward to a month off from the treatments starting on Nov 5th. They will take an MRI about a month after that to allow the radiation to keep working and then we will be able to tell how well the treatments have worked.

Julia is getting excellent medical care but the Hillebrand family are facing medical costs that are mounting and significant. As we reflect on what we are thankful for during this holiday season, I want you to take a moment to help Julia.

At Paul’s web site he is selling Support Julia wrist bands and I want you buy them. LOTS OF THEM. I want to you to spread this post to everyone you know. Everyone in your network. Tweet it. Ping it. Post it on your Facebook. Tell your LinkedIn network. Thousands of people each doing a little something can move mountains.

Julia Hillebrand

If wrist bands aren’t your thing you can can help with Julia’s medical costs with a donation via PayPal. Any amount will help and will be deeply appreciated.

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Julia and the rest of the Hillebrand family need our help. We have the means and know-how. Do it now. Make a difference.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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