So you think “re-branding” will make things better?

Frito-Lay Lemonade

I recently received an email from a marketing professional seeking advice on re-branding and re-launching a product. No detail for the reasons behind re-branding were provided and I have to assume there was a legitimate business reason.  But it made me recall experience I’ve had with re-branding and re-launching technology products.

Most of the time, re-branding is a response to poor sales. Rather than seeking to identify the reasons for poor sales performance, which could be many, it’s decided changing the name of the product and a new look with fix everything.

Changing the product name and its look won’t overcome:

  • A product that doesn’t solve a market problem
  • The wrong sales channel
  • Positioning and messaging that doesn’t resonate with buyers

Before you waste a bunch of money, time and resources re-branding a product, do yourself a favor and find out if there’s something wrong with the product first. Don’t ask each other. That won’t get you anywhere. Get out of the building and talk with real potential buyers in their native habitat.

Photo credit: WalletPop – Yes, that’s Frito Lay Lemonade.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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