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Focus on the content not the tactic

There’s a gazillion tactics that b2b marketers can choose to get a message to buyers in their market. If there’s one thing that has the most impact for most buyers is content. Buyers seek out answers to their problems and the first, and easiest, place they go is their favorite search engine. The key to your success as a marketer is going to be on the content you produce and the number of places you syndicate it. Don’t worry about whether others think you are taking a short cut. Be your own most prolific plagiarist. It’s not easy but keep at it. Focus on the ideas in your content not the vessel. Once you have the idea down then consider the possibilities to get your great ideas in front of the people who can influence a buying decision for your products. A blog post can be repurposed as an article. An article can be repurposed as a webinar. A webinar can be repurposed as a Podcast.

6 ideas right now

Take a piece of paper and jot down 6 ideas you can write about right now. If you're more comfortable as a visual communicator use a whiteboard and take a picture of it. What are you waiting for?
David Daniels

David Daniels

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