Product Launches on a Bootstrap Budget

We will be delivering "Product Launches on a Bootstrap Budget" starting on Tuesday April 8.  As the title suggests this webinar is targeted toward organizations with limited launch budgets but still need to maximize results.

Product Launches on a Bootstrap Budget is a 1.5 hour webinar with a live instructor. The webinar will focus mainly on tactics and readiness, with an emphasis on what needs to happen in order to build momentum. Of course, it’s all about how to launch with the least amount of resources.  We’ll cover different tactics you can use "out of the box" that can turn your launch from ho-hum to high-impact.

The techniques you will learn from this webinar have been proven in years of product launches.  While the technologies we use behind the tactics evolve over time, the fundamentals stay the same.  Your messaging needs to resonate with your prospect’s problem, your prospects need to find your solution, the product needs to work, your sale teams needs to know how to sell the value of the solution and your customer support team needs to be able to address any problems along the way.

To learn more about this webinar, follow this link.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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