Product launch is a team sport

Have you ever been responsible for a product launch and felt like you were the only one doing the work? I see this happening often in organizations of all sizes. A product manager or product marketing manager is responsible for launch, but winds up doing most of the work herself, even when there’s a launch team.

The breakdown occurs because the launch team isn’t really a team at all. It’s a collection of individuals from various parts of the organization who are impacted by the launch, but whose management doesn’t encourage or reward their participation in the launch team. Sound familiar? Why would a launch team member put in hard work to make the product launch successful if it's not deemed important by their management?

Note to the CEO. If you want your cross-functional launch team to work together toward a successful product launch, make their participation on the team a priority and acknowledge their contribution. Most organizations get to launch once per year. The opportunity costs are too high to not make it a priority.

Photo: CalPoly Rodeo Team

David Daniels

David Daniels

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