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imageI’m delighted to share with everyone that new 1-day class I’ve been working on – Product Launch Essentials – is now available. I would like to thank everyone who provided the critical market feedback needed to shape the class. I’m especially grateful to the customers who invited us in to conduct “beta” tests of the class. Your feedback was insightful and extremely valuable.

Who this class is for

The Product Launch Essentials class is for the folks responsible for planning and executing product launches for primarily technology products.

It’s about sales velocity

Product launch has long been a problem for those of us introducing technology products to market and this class addresses it head on in a way that redefines product launch. Instead of thinking about launch as the end of development, you think about it as the beginning of selling. Because the point of product launch is to create sales velocity.

One-size doesn’t fit all

The class addresses the common fallacy of product launch checklists and how they become a de facto launch strategy. A checklist may give everyone a sense of comfort but not effective. We discuss seven (7) different product launch strategies and when to use them to help you achieve your launch goals.

Launch is a team sport

Have you ever felt like you were shouldering all the burden for a launch? Product launch is a team sport and needs cross-functional input and guidance. The trick is how to organize and drive the team to get results you couldn’t do by yourself.

Measure what matters

When your launch goals are clear it makes measurement much easier. However there are leading and lagging indicators to measure product launch success that should be considered.

Available in two delicious flavors

The Product Launch Essentials class is available publicly and as a private, onsite seminar. Go to the contact us page or call Pragmatic Institute at (480) 515-1411 if you have any questions about attending a public class or bringing it to your company. Click here for the brochure.

Product Launch Toolkit

There is a complete set of product launch tools including:

  • Launch Strategies Worksheet
  • Product Launch Plan Template
  • Sales Constraint Analysis Worksheet
  • Launch Team Tracker
  • Launch Team Leader’s Guide
  • Launch Team Member’s Guide
  • Launch Readiness Assessment Worksheet

What else you should know

Product Launch Essentials builds on the foundation provided by the Pragmatic Institute Framework, the Practical Product Management seminar and the Effective Product Marketing seminar. If you plan on attending Product Launch Essentials, it would be helpful if you are familiar with the Pragmatic Institute Framework.

More questions?

Contact me directly if you have questions about the class content. I’d prefer email (ddaniels at but you can also reach me on Twitter @launchclinic or call me at (480) 515-1411.

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