Pricing and Sales Revisited

Two days ago I published a blog on helping your sales team win at your price.   I just read this insightful blog from Mark Hunter, a sales expert, on “Why Your Sales Team is So Afraid of Price“.

My favorite quote from Hunter’s piece:  “If price is the reason a customer will or won’t buy, then there is no reason to have salespeople.”  What he is saying is it’s frequently something other than price that drives buyers’ decisions.  Hunter gives us 4 ways to help sales deal with price.

  1. Management must embrace and support the price.
  2. Salespeople must have a solid understanding as to why the price is the price
  3. Salespeople must be trained on how to handle the price question when it comes up on a sales call.
  4. Salespeople must be confident in their selling skills, including communicating the price with clarity and eye contact.

As pricing and product people, we are responsible for making sure #2 happens.  That was the point of my earlier blog.  Sales has to be able to sell (items 3 and 4), but WE have to arm them with the knowledge and tools that define our value.  They won’t get this without our help.


Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving is chief pricing educator with Impact Pricing LLC. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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