Pricing and Lead Generation

8414887567_10198b174b_mPragmatic Institute’s activity of the month is lead generation. Before you read any farther, think about what these two have in common. How can pricing help with lead generation?

I had to think hard to figure out how pricing can help or is even related. Here are a few thoughts. Please share yours in the comments.

Lead generation is the moment in the buying process where the buyer reaches out to us. Let’s us know they may be interested in what we have. If they see our price early and it’s way too high (or way too low), we will never get the lead. So we need to have reasonable pricing.

The absence or presence of pricing information can effect lead generation. Unless you have a complex direct sales process, I almost alway lean towards showing your prices. Think about your own behavior. You’re thinking about buying some new gadget. You go online, find the website, read a lot, and then you go to look for the price. It’s not there. Do you call? Do you give them your email address so they can reach out to you? Probably not. You probably move on to another hopefully similar product. No lead generated. As a general guideline, you will create more leads showing your price than you will hiding your price.

Often, a limited time sale price can motivate a buyer to become a lead. If a buyer is thinking about a product but hasn’t yet contacted the vendor, a discount that goes away after a specified time could get them to move more quickly. This happens in B2C often. In B2B we see something similar when vendors announce future price increases.

That’s all I came up with. Hopefully you have even better thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving is chief pricing educator with Impact Pricing LLC. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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