Partners frustrated by Microsoft launch delays

While your organization my not have the massive legacy customer base to deal with when rolling out new products that Microsoft have, some lessons can be learned about missing dates and the frustrating rippling effect.  Customers are annoyed and key launch partners, in this case HP, have invested a considerable amount of resources to participate.  Launch delay means lost opportunity and underutilized resources.

HP is a long-standing partner of Microsoft, so its executives were reluctant to comment on any problems that the company has had with the Windows Server product, when approached by this week. When pushed on the subject, HP’s main criticism was Microsoft’s habit of giving a product launch date but then usually announcing delays.

"I cannot understand why they announce products and then the launch slips all the time," was one HP employee’s take. "Since it is up to them [Microsoft] when they think the product is ready for launch, what is the point of announcing before it is ready?"

Ed note: Redmond campus was almost on fire a few years ago when HP made their big Linux server announcement.  That went over like a lead balloon, especially after HP was named Microsoft partner of the year.

Read the whole article at ZDNET UK.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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