New Survey: Which Customer Marketing Programs Work Best for Your Company?

Many companies these days claim to be “customer focused,” but there are numerous different ways to engage with clients. Methods include surveys, user group meetings, net promoter scoring, customer advisory boards, reference programs, social media groups, hosted conferences and many more. But how are such programs resourced and measured, and, most important, which programs generate the most value?

new survey measures the most popular and successful methods B2B marketers employ to engage with—and generate feedback from—their customers. The survey asks about the various customer engagement methods marketers leverage, which methods are most effective and which methods they envision expanding in the near future.

Sponsored by Ignite Advisory Group, the new research is intended to provide conclusive data from marketers who work directly within customer engagement about the methods they find the most valuable, how such programs are staffed and the metrics behind measuring their success. Survey results will provide an excellent opportunity for marketers to anonymously benchmark where colleagues from other companies are succeeding with their customer engagement programs.

The short survey is open to all professionals who manage or oversee myriad customer engagement programs. The link to participate is: Results will be published early this summer, and made available at no charge to all those who participate.

Hopefully, the survey results will help marketers build business cases for starting such programs within their own companies, or even increase their resources, staffs and budgets to manage such programs.

Which customer engagement programs work best for marketers? Take the survey to find out.

Rob Jensen

Rob Jensen

Rob Jensen is vice president of marketing for Ignite Advisory Group (, a consultancy that helps B2B companies manage their customer and partner advisory board programs. Rob has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and business development leadership positions with leading enterprise software and technology companies. Rob has successfully overseen groups that generate global awareness, increase lead generation and enable sales teams. In addition, he specializes in initiating, managing and facilitating customer and partner advisory board programs in the U.S. and abroad. Contact him at

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