Lunch is an event, product launch is a process


April Dunford at Rocket Watcher wrote a post titled “Press Releases, Launches and Seth Godin” which I enjoyed. It was if April were throwing me the bait and I had to take it.

(BTW the photo is the Purple Cow Cafe in beautiful Pine Mountain, Georgia.  We visit the area often and I stop for ice cream, sandwiches and free Wi-Fi. I send Seth a photo when I remember.)

The most important point of April’s post is that launch is a process not an event. Lunch is an event.  Launch is a process that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Two big mistakes organizations make in their approach to “launching” a product is a) believing since the product is finished all they have to do is update the web site and magic will happen, and b) believing a tsunami of demand will be created through external communications and events. If the product doesn’t solve a market problem, don’t waste the time to launch it.

We’re going to tackle all of that in a new seminar Pragmatic Institute is delivering.  The one-day seminar is titled “Product Launch Essentials” and we’re currently in preview mode. In preview mode we deliver the seminar at your location (we call it an “onsite”) with no seminar fee.  The only thing we ask is that you cover instructor travel.

We have ONE slot remaining for the Product Launch Essentials preview. To qualify for this preview you and your team must:

Please contact us by phone at (480) 515-1411 or (800) 816-7861.

If you have questions about the seminar email me (ddaniels at pragmaticmarketing dot com) or tweet “d launchclinic”.

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