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090112 It’s hard to believe it’s 2009 already.  My kids are getting older and one will be entering high school soon.  Wait while I catch my breath.
I want to provide you with a brief update on what’s going on with Launch Clinic and how we’re integrating with Pragmatic Institute.
For the first 6 months at Pragmatic Institute I’ve been committed to learning how to be an instructor for Pragmatic Institute.  It’s not a slam dunk and requires a lot of patience (still learning that part).  Thankfully there are great instructors at Pragmatic Institute that were more than willing to show me how to be my best. The good news is that I’m certified to teach the Effective Product Marketing seminar and am now focused on Launch Clinic again.
What you can expect
I’m working on a new seminar that will combine content from the best of the Product Launch Essentials Workshop, How to Organize and Drive a Cross-Functional Team and the Pragmatic Institute Framework.  The new seminar will be delivered live, face-to-face as a 1-day seminar.  We’re not abandoning the idea of online delivery but I’ve learned that there is no substitute for the tremendous value attendees get through interaction with a real instructor and with each other.
Updates to the Product Launch Toolkit are underway to incorporate a new approach and to be aligned with the Pragmatic Institute Framework.  The updates are significant and I believe you’ll find them to have immediate impact on your product launch efforts.
Since you are receiving this email you are subscribed to the Launch Clinic newsletter list.  This week we will be moving you over to the Pragmatic Institute newsletter list and you will begin receiving the Pragmatic Institute newsletter.  Note: If you have previously opted out of the Pragmatic Institute newsletter list you will not be moved and you will not receive a newsletter from Pragmatic Institute or Launch Clinic.
The website will become a blog-only site, in the tradition of Steve Johnson’s blog.
A Customer Briefing will happen as soon as development gets a little further along.  This will be an invitation-only event conducted online.  In the briefing I’ll share with you what we’re working on and solicit your feedback on what you like and what needs improvement. As always if you have any questions or comments you can reach me at ( still works too).
David Daniels

David Daniels

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