July's Box of the Month: Innovation

At Pragmatic Institute, we've worked with thousands of high-tech companies—so we're no strangers to innovation. But there is a fine line between innovating for innovation's sake and true innovation that caters to your marketplace. In this month's deep dive, we offer tips and best practices to help you keep your innovation on the right side of that line. Here are just a few great resources to get you started: • You Can't Innovate Like AppleInnovation by DesignSpark Game-Changing InnovationThe Optimal Way to InnovateIs It Innovative or Another Bad Idea?Secrets of Silicon Valley - Pragmatic InstitutePeople + Process = PerformancePatents and the Product ManagerAsk the Expert: Innovation vs. Requirements A Practical Approach to Products (ebook) And in addition to the many articles, blog posts and other resources we'll be sharing throughout the month, we will be hosting a webinar on "Finding Great Ideas: How to Capture Innovation from Existing Intelligence" on Wednesday, July 23 at 2 p.m. EDT. Steve Rivkin, founder of Rivkin & Associates and co-author of six books on marketing and communications strategy, will be presenting dozens of real-world examples and providing attendees with a blueprint for more effective problem solving and brainstorming. Register now.

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