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If you are in the product management and marketing community and live in or around Central Texas, there is only one place that you need to be next Saturday: ProductCamp Austin.  ProductCamp is the largest, most important networking event for product management professionals for the entire year, and it is a fantastic learning opportunity as well.  You will have an opportunity to learn about everything from Innovation, to Strategy, to Media Relations and Segmentation.  It’s like a mini-MBA in a day!  Go register now, the deadline is Wednesday (today)!

As always, my company Pragmatic Institute is a sponsor, and I will be there.    I’ll be offering up two sessions.  The first is part of a new experimental track that the ProductCamp Austin team is playing with this year, called the “game room.”  Game room sessions, as you might expect, are lighthearted, fun, and you might just learn something!  I will be MC-ing the PowerPoint Karaoke session.  Here is the description:

How well can you think (and present) on your feet? Have you ever been handed a PowerPoint deck created by someone else and asked to present it on very short notice? If it hasn’t happened yet, it probably will!

You can be okay at feature prioritization, writing business cases, and win-loss analysis, but if you can speak effectively on a moment’s notice, you will excel where others stumble. Join this session to become a true “pitch artist”!

We’ll have a room full of people, and one by one participants will come up and have two minutes and thirty seconds to present as many slides as they want to get through…only they’ve never seen these slides before in their life!  Their job will be to craft a story to go along with the slides, challenging both your presentation and quick thinking skills.  It’s not a matter of if you will laugh – it’s how hard!  The great thing is that everyone will be laughing with you, not at you, because everyone will have an equal opportunity to try!

The second session I’m offering at this ProductCamp is as part of a panel entitled “The Future of Product Management.“  Here is a description:

You’ve heard the traditional challenges product managers face (basing product decisions on market problems, leadership without formal authority, getting buried in tactical tasks). But product management has grown up, and there new challenges to overcome. What is the future of product management, and how will it address these new challenges?

Austin’s “Gang of Four” product managers (Roger L. Cauvin, John Milburn, Scott Sehlhorst, Paul Young) will lead an interactive conversation on such topics as:

1. We’ve gone agile. Do we still need product management?
2. Will product managers join the executive ranks? (CPO = Chief Product Officer)
3. Will product managers embrace cutting edge “lean startup” and “customer development” processes?

What do YOU think the future of product management holds?

We believe that the next decade of product management contains some very interesting challenges, that will be very different from what we have faced over the last decade.  Vote for this panel if you are interested in hearing what those challenges are and how to deal with them.

If you’re coming to ProductCamp Austin for the first time, or we just haven’t met yet, please come introduce yourself on Saturday.  I’m pumped, and can’t wait to see you there!

Paul Young

Paul Young

Paul Young oversees the strategic development of Pragmatic Institute’s portfolio of products and leads the executive team in the evaluation of new product opportunities. He also manages the instructor team. Paul began his career as a software developer and has worked in startups and large companies across B2B and B2C industries, including telecommunications and networking, IT and professional services, consumer electronics and enterprise software. He has managed P&L lines for products with hundreds of millions in revenue, and faced difficult choices about which products in the portfolio to retain and which to kill. Reach him at

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