How to turn off buyers: hide contact information

image My pet peeve are web sites that hide contact information. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for why this is done but I’ve yet to hear one that makes a lick of sense. Your buyers are impatient and they’re looking for a solution now. And when they can’t easily figure out how to contact you they move on. Don’t underestimate that there people out there that want to call you on a telephone (that thing you use to talk with people who are far away) because they’re looking for a solution to their problem right now. In this economy are you willing to lose even one sale because of design esthetics?

Do yourself a favor. Don’t assume every buyer will take the time to click three times to find out how to contact you. Put a phone number or a “contact us” clearly visible at the top of every page to make it blindingly obvious. I rarely scroll down to the bottom of the page in hopes that you have what I’m looking for there. A 6pt font doesn’t count. I wear glasses to read and so do millions of other people.

Looks like I’m guilty of it on the Launch Clinic blog. Apparently if you’re patient enough you’ll figure out that by clicking on my photo you’ll be rewarded with an About page. My bad. Gotta get that fixed.

Maybe you and I should start a Contact Us Hall of Shame. Post your nominations in the comments below, email me at or if you would prefer to call – 480-776-1905.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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