How to get your developers to write a whitepaper

I found a wonderful article written by Ari McKee-Sexton for MarketingProfs. It's hilarious and provides some great tips to get you started. For my product marketing friends you can substitute product manager for developer if that's your particular situation (not to dis my product manager friends, but some of you guys are in the critical path and we need to get important stuff out of your noggin).
Fed up, I just started writing. I wrote whatever the hell I vaguely thought needed writing about in the manner of a professional liberal arts major with just enough knowledge to be dangerous—exactly what I am—and it was like putting fire ants in their lab coats. Within hours, they returned marked-up Word documents with added pages and comments like "Ha!" and "WTF?"
The point is to get it done when you need their expertise to make it happen. Ari provides the insight to help you get it done (and fun to read too). Had me at "Don't Tase Me, Bro!". Read more:
David Daniels

David Daniels

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