How to get information from your customers without slowing down the sale

How--and when--to get information from your customers is problematic. How many web sites ask you more than you're willing to tell? How many of us use as an email address for such sites? (Is it just me?)

Kristin Zhivago comments,

There's a conflict between the information you want to get from your potential buyers--in order to market to them effectively--and the fact that asking for that information can prevent them from interacting with your website or making a purchase. Asking for too much information too soon is like the owner of a retail store 'greeting' you at the entrance and forcing you to sign a guestbook before you can start shopping. Most people would decline and leave the store, which is exactly what is happening on your website--except you can't 'see' them leaving without resorting to in-depth web stat log analysis. How do you find out what you need to know without placing barriers in their way?

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Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

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