How Are You Addressing Changes to Development Methodologies?

In a recent State of Agile Survey from VersionOne, 80% of respondents said they are using Agile development practices. However, even companies that use Agile aren’t using it for all projects, with 60% saying that only half or less of their company’s projects are Agile. Those numbers demonstrate that companies have evolved from the days when development groups used single development methodologies like Agile or Waterfall to build products. “The companies we teach are telling us they now use hybrid development methodologies or vary how they develop products by department, project or location,” Pragmatic Institute CEO Craig Stull confirms. “And just like we teach our students: The market talks; you listen.” To address this change in how companies build products, our popular Requirements That Work course now incorporates the best aspects of our Living in an Agile World and earlier Requirements That Work courses into one that works across methodologies. The new one-day Requirements That Work helps product teams by teaching them to work together more effectively, no matter what methodologies they currently use. Attendees are equipped with the tools, templates and know-how to go back to the office and immediately implement what they’ve learned to create the products that really resonate in the marketplace. What development methods does your company deploy these days, and how does it affect how you do your job?

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