Google’s Wonder Wheel simplifies search

Google has a cool new feature called the Wonder Wheel. For those of us who regularly use Google as a business tool, this is a fantastic addition.

As you search using Wonder Wheel, topical extensions are shown around the perimeter of the previous search term. Below is a screen shot of a search that started with “product launch” and then to “product launch strategy”. Note the terms around “product launch strategy” include “product positioning”, “product launch secrets”, “product launch metrics” and “product launch campaign” as well as a few others.

Instead of searching through a page of results you get them neatly organized by topical area.

product launch

How to use Google Wonder Wheel

Step 1: Search on a term – in this case “product launch”

product launch strategy

Step 2: Choose “Show options…”

product launch checklist

Step 3: Choose “Wonder wheel” from the left navigation

product launch marketing

Step 4: Navigate!

product launch

David Daniels

David Daniels

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