Getting Salespeople to Answer Their Own Questions

Feed Me - Source: William Lee A big time sink for many product marketing managers is answering the same questions over and over again that salespeople ask. You have a repository of sales tools and FAQs but they seem to continue to call or email with the same question they asked three days ago. There are three things potentially going on that you can address. The first is that you (or your boss) continue to enable this bad behavior even after you've provided an answer in a place reserved for such answers. The second is that you don't have a place reserved to put your answers in which case you have no one to blame but yourself. Third is that you enjoy providing answers. In this case you might be happier as a sales engineer rather than as a product marketing manager.

Food for thought

  • Make sure you document every answer to every salespersons question. Build an FAQ. Every time you add something to the FAQ, let the salespeople know about it. You could email it, you could post it in your sales tool cemetery, or you could reference it your internal blog.
  • Make sure you have a place where sales guys can get their own answers quickly and efficiently. If they can't find it in 30 seconds you are going to get a phone call.
  • Don't reply or answer a question that's already addressed in your Sales FAQ. It's tough love but you have to build a dependency on the information you've already provided.
  • Add a link to your FAQ in your email signature. Make it prominent and make sure the link works!
What have you tried to get your sales guys to stop calling you for things you already done?
David Daniels

David Daniels

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