FUTURELAB: Why Thought Leadership is Your Most Valuable Asset

Jon Miller posted on his blog about thought leadership over at Futurelab and he really nailed it. Many marketers focus so much on doing “stuff” (my technical description for deliverables) from a menu item of tactics when they should be focusing much, much more attention on (my term for this is “obsess over”) thought leadership. Why?

“In down economies, prospects conduct even more research leading up to the purchase. This means B2B marketing professionals must help educate prospects in the early stages of the buying cycle; doing this well can help frame their buying process and establish your brand as a trusted advisor that understands their problems and knows how to solve them.”

At Pragmatic Institute we work very hard to maintain the thought leadership position we have earned from our customers.

What are you doing to build or fortify your thought leadership position?

David Daniels

David Daniels

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