Dave gets a Mac

I'm playing right into Apple's strategy of world domination and quite honestly I'm enjoying the journey. This past weekend I bought a Mac Mini for the family and I am impressed with its elegance and simplicity. For me it's about not being the Nick Burns the Computer Guy of the Daniels family. I'm officially out of the tech support business.

I got there one slippery step at a time. First we got an iPod for my son. The next step was an iPod Touch. Next an iPhone for my wife which started with "why do I need one of these" to "did you know there was an app for that?". Next an iPhone for me. Then an iPhone for my son. We have an Apple store where I live and we've only been there once for help. Once, and it was for a minor issue which was resolved in minutes.

Our kitchen PC was getting on in years and it was time to replace it. So I went to Best Buy and while looking at desktop replacements a sales associate suggested I take a look at a Mac Mini. It was an easy decision and I walked out with a Mac Mini, a Magic Mouse and the super cool Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Setup was a breeze and everything works.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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