copyblogger: The Billy Mays 5 step guide to easy selling

My family loved watching Billy Mays’ show Pitchmen. What fascinated me about the show was the process they followed to select a product, estimate the unit potential and develop a pitch. It’s cool to watch the reaction of inventors who finally see their product take off after years of refinement.

Copyblogger’s post The Billy Mays 5 Step Guide to Easy Selling is a very good summary of the keys to Billy’s success.

I’d like to add a 6th step, which is that Billy had an intuitive understanding of his buyers. With that understanding he could quickly determine which products were winners. Which allowed him to present the perfect solution to the buyer’s problem.

Take the time to understand your buyers and you’ll find that your work as a marketer will be more focused and deliver a higher ROI.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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