Copyblogger: 7 Strategies for Escaping “Me Too” Product Launches

Jordon Cooper posted a piece on Copyblogger that I found interesting and wanted to share. The context of the post is around products that bloggers launch but there are many good ideas that can be applied to launching other products (even B2B technology products).
  1. Limited time frame – using the concept of scarcity in pre-launch buzz building
  2. A unique movement – think of your pre-launch material as a story with a single compelling theme
  3. The joy of sharing – content goes viral because it’s as fun to share as it is to consume
  4. Audience participation – find creative ways to shape your pre-launch content based on prospective customer input
  5. Extreme consistency – make your pre-launch content into an addictive habit that ends with a purchase
  6. The bandwagon effect – build a sense of popularity that others will want to be a part of
  7. Lasting addiction – create a little high for your buyers, but don’t kill their buzz after launch

More from Jordon can be found at Not a Pro Blog

David Daniels

David Daniels

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