Cookie Cutter Product Marketing

Product marketing managers in technology companies don’t see the forest from the trees.  I interact with lots of you on a weekly basis in my role as an instructor for Pragmatic Institute.  What I’m referring to is the mistaken belief there is a magic set of deliverables you can produce for each new release of your product that would make all your problems go away.  With this set of magic cookie cutter templates you could produce everything your sales guys need to be successful in the market and you would be a hero.

Sales would get off your back because you’ve given them everything they possible could need.  Your time would be freed up to focus on more strategic issues.  Maybe you’d even get to have dinner with your family.

I wish it were that easy folks but it’s not.  What gets you the street credibility you crave with Sales and Marcom isn’t your expertise in the features of your product or your mastery of PowerPoint.  It’s your expertise in understanding your buyers, their problems, their buying criteria, the buying process (notice I didn’t say sales process) and how to influence each buyer through the buying process.

When you are the expert on your buyers your interaction with Marcom and Sales will become considerably smoother, less combative and with greater results for everyone.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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